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DAuction House Regulations

How to Buy?
After registering and receiving an approval by DAuction team you can choose from 4 options:
  1. Participate in person at the at the auction closing.
  2. Bid online – register and follow the instructions.
  3. Bid by phone – we have limited personnel so must be coordinated in advance.
  4. Bid by proxy – give our representative your ceiling price, and he will bid for you. Must be a signed and approved document.
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I did not get approval and I have...
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What are the commissions charged by DAuction House?
The price, the chances to sell, the quantity of diamonds given by the supplier and the rarity of the diamonds are among the considerations in determining the commission level for every diamond offered on auction.

Why can’t we lower our commissions?
We would like our clients and suppliers to understand the high costs of our operations. We would not be able to bring the same added value to our clients and suppliers if we reduced our commissions too much.
  • Insurance — the costs of insurance is a percentage of the total value of the diamonds in the auction. We offer a large choice of diamonds in order to attract many buyers, therefore there is a high insurance cost per auction.
  • Marketing — we invest in a major and expensive marketing campaign.
  • Operations – selecting the diamonds, organizing the viewing of the diamonds to hundreds of clients, and running the closing of the auction itself demands top qualified personnel.