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DAuction House Regulations

Read about our auction in the article on Idex:

Who are we?
DAuction House is a venture of Windiam, Unico Diamonds and Idexonline. The managers of DAuction House have vast experience in the international diamond trade as well as in the successful organization of tenders of rough and polished diamonds.

What Makes Us Different?
  • We accept diamonds for the auction up until 10 days before the closing.
  • We focus only on diamonds, while most auction houses deal with many categories.
  • We often charge less than half the commission charged in similar auctions.

Our Services
DAuction is a partnership that targets to provide services of open auction that will sell polished diamonds from a variety of sellers to interested buyers. DAuction focuses on the higher end of diamond prices of mainly larger stones and fancy color diamonds.
Our function is to enable diamond deals between two parties. When a deal is established during the auction closing, DAuction is in charge of generating all the parameters needed to conclude the sale of the diamond between the seller and the buyer

The Diamonds Offered
DAuction searches for its auctions good quality polished diamonds for the best prices available on the diamond market. DAuction promotes these diamonds with potential clients who are diamond dealers, investment funds, jewelers and private customers.

DAuction in the media
The electronic platform used by DAuction was first developed by the JDMine venture that has operated polished and rough diamond auctions in Israel starting in 2006:

Who are the clients of DAuction House?
DAuction clients consist of diamond dealers, investment funds, jewelers and private clients. During the initial phase the marketing reaches mainly business clients, but on a later phase, private clients are expected to be more active.